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Meghan McCain Says Kamala Harris Is To Blame For Republicans Refusing To Get Vaccinated, For Some Reason

Throughout Tuesday’s episode of The View, the panel tackled current polling that reveals 41 % of Republicans refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccination, which prompted Meghan McCain to level the finger at Vice President Kamala Harris for the partisan hole. Whereas McCain differentiated herself from her fellow conservatives by joking that she trusts medical doctors a lot that she’d “allow them to put an iPad Nano between my shoulder blades if it means I can get drunk at Caesar’s Palace once more,” she performed a deceptively edited clip of Harris from September 2020 the place she tells CNN’s Dana Bash, “I’d not belief Donald Trump,” if he tried to hurry out a vaccine earlier than the election. (Which, for the document, Trump tried to do, however was stopped by the FDA.)

Through Mediaite:

“So she’s expressing skepticism in regards to the vaccine beneath the Trump Administration. Loads of Republicans I do know are expressing skepticism about to vaccine beneath the Biden Administration which is why this has been so harmful that this has turn out to be so politicized,” McCain stated. “Either side are equally answerable for this.”

Nevertheless, as Mediaite notes, McCain’s clip leaves off the half the place Harris explains that she doesn’t belief Trump as a result of he advised folks to “inject bleach,” however Harris would trust medical experts like Dr. Fauci in the event that they vouched for the vaccines. “I believe Dr. Fauci has confirmed, for anybody who’s been watching him for years and years, to place the general public well being of the American folks as the very best precedence when it comes to his work and his status and his precedence. Sure, I belief Dr. Fauci.” Joe Biden additionally voiced his belief in Fauci and supported the vaccines once they have been permitted in November whereas Trump was nonetheless in workplace. In brief, McCain’s argument doesn’t maintain water given each Harris and Biden publicly backed the vaccines at the same time as they rolled out beneath the Trump administration.

(Through Mediaite)

Source: Meghan McCain Says Kamala Harris Is To Blame For Republicans Refusing To Get Vaccinated, For Some Reason

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