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Salone Monet launches Beyoncé-approved shoe brand at Bloomingdales


Salone Monet launches Beyoncé-approved shoe brand at Bloomingdales

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If you’re searching for timeless fashion, then Salone Monet is the brand for you. It has something that every fashionista needs — shoes that go with everything.

Having just launched at Bloomingdales, it’s filling a void that has existed too long in the shoe industry. Despite countless designers and brands, the need for nude shoes among people of color has been virtually overlooked.

Monet is determined to solve to the fashion equality issue and her latest endeavor is one way she’s making it happen.

“The Bloomingdale’s launch simply made my dream of offering shade equity in the shoe space a reality,” the founder told The Post. “As far as I know, no other major retailer has a shade-inclusive nude shoe partnership with a black brand.”

But, Bloomingdales is not the only place where Monet’s namesake brand is getting noticed. It is also making waves throughout the celebrity world and being worn by superstars like Viola Davis, Cynthia Erivo and Beyonce.

And with prices starting at just $295, you can stock up on the celebrity-approved footwear for family, friends or simply yourself.

You’ll be able to choose between the brand’s popular Anita Pumps or Sable High Heels.

The Sable High Heels are a classic staple. Lauded for their slingback sandal design and intricate leather lining, they are a must-have for every footwear aficionado.

The Anita Pumps are everything that you need in a high heel shoe. Made with stunning leather lining and a beautiful almond toe, they are a nod to supreme comfort and effortless style.

Every shoe features a range of nude shades. So, you should have no problem finding one that matches your skin tone. And consultations are available to make finding the right shoe super easy.

And we spoke with Monet to learn more about the exciting Bloomingdales launch.

Salone Monet
Salone Monet

Tell us about your background. How did you get your start in fashion?

I’ve always been a creative person and was taking creative license in many ways prior to starting my company. Growing up, my parents would let me paint murals in our home. But it wasn’t until after college that I realized this would be a real career for me.

What inspired you to create the Salone Monet brand.

I was working at a shoe and accessories boutique and was told during training to always suggest a nude heel if a customer had difficulty matching an outfit. We only sold one color nude, and it matched neither me nor most of the women that came into the store. This was the lightbulb moment for me. I went home and downloaded a business plan off the internet and started filling in the blanks.

Why do you think this launch is important for fashion?

The Bloomingdale’s launch simply made my dream of offering shade equity in the shoe space a reality. As far as I know, no other major retailer has a shade-inclusive nude shoe partnership with a Black brand. Sure, there are other brands that have recently moved into the space, However, it’s very easy for them to take a style that they’d been making for years and offer it in multi-shaded nudes. However, when I started working on my brand 8 years ago, no one was doing it and it would have been just as easy for them to have done it 8 years ago. It’s important to make space for people that have been doing the work, and not just offer up the easiest fix. 

Women in Salone Monet
Salone Monet

How did the launch with Bloomingdales come together?

I was alerted to the Bloomingdales Open Call, through Harlem’s Fashion Row x RaiseFashion mentorship program. Going into the meetings, I assumed they were informational, which in hindsight, made for a far less anxious meeting.

What is your favorite shoe in the line?

The Sable is the first shoe I brought to market and she truly embodies the ethos of the brand and the utility of nude. A wearable heel that pairs effortlessly with jeans and a t-shirt, but dutifully supports a formal gown. The slingback silhouette is perfect for creating an uninterrupted line from toe to wherever your outfit begins.  

Tell us your most exciting moment as an entrepreneur.

When I saw Beyonce in my shoes, of course! This moment is so important to me because it solidified the value of my idea. Prior to that, I was making custom order shoes, and testing product demand. But when cultural icons like Beyonce and industry disruptors like Zerina Akers dial into your vision, it gives a sense of confirmation that encourages the very movement my brand is built on.

Beyonce in Salone Monet
Salone Monet

Sable High Heels
Salone Monet

Anita Pumps
Salone Monet


Source: Salone Monet launches Beyoncé-approved shoe brand at Bloomingdales

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