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There’s a huge stigma around pubic hair. Gillette’s latest ad addresses it in song

At this point in human history, we’ve seen just about every animal and object turned into an animated character: cats, dogs, sponges, hot dogs, toothbrushes, and any toy you can think of. With its new ad campaign, Gillette Venus may just have scored a first.

To mark the launch of its Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin collection, the brand created an animated spot featuring a show-tune-singing pubic hair.

The anthropomorphized hair belts out a song about the trials and tribulations of being a hair from down there. “I’m just a pube, and it’s not fair, all I ever wished to be was just another hair. But when they got one look at me, the ruling from society was, ‘ew, not you.’”

The song also acknowledges advertising’s own role in perpetuating an unrealistic ideal. “It seems like all the ads are showing perfect skin and shiny hair, but what about this other world inside your underwear?”

It’s adorably hilarious, but also represents a broader trend in recent years, where brands are using their advertising to speak out against some of the stigmas that they have created and perpetuated over the years.  A similar move has been happening around feminine hygiene and periods, with brands like Thinx and Bodyform pushing for the normalization of discussing women’s health.

Gillette’s campaign is reminiscent of the approach taken over the last couple of years by direct-to-consumer shaving and body product brand Billie, which may explain such a bold take from a major brand, after the startup exposed such a rich area of differentiation.

Created by ad agency Grey, the spot’s insights come from a survey of 250 American women that the brand conducted. Half the women said it feels more accurate to use anatomical terms, like pubic, but only 18% of the women surveyed are actually using them. More than 50% agreed that society has defined what is visually appealing when it comes to women’s pubic grooming, and 56% wish there were more accurate descriptions and imagery in society of women grooming this area of their bodies.

It’s laudable to see a giant brand like Gillette seek to trim down this stigma, but it’s up to its customers to say if this Venus spot succeeds.

Source: There’s a huge stigma around pubic hair. Gillette’s latest ad addresses it in song

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